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Dr. Phil Gingrey, former U.S. Congressman and Senior Advisor to the District Policy Group, will speak on a panel at the Bipartisan Policy Center’s “The Future of Comparative Effectiveness Research” forum on Tuesday, July 25. “The Future of Comparative Effectiveness Research” is the second in a series of educational forums on comparative effectiveness research and will discuss federal funding, private sector leadership, regulatory barriers, uses of research results and important new areas for research.

Dr. Phil Gingrey be on a panel with former Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND), moderated by Bill Hoagland, former Senate Budget Committee Director.

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The District Policy Group is one of the hardest working groups in Washington, D.C. We don't merely advise clients about what they should do, we engage in the "doing." We roll up our sleeves, dig into the issues, and get things done. We are truly motivated by the importance of the issues our clients address, the work they do, and the public policy goals they want to achieve. Our approach centers around partnering with our clients to design and implement a creative, tailored, and multi-pronged government relations strategy, develop the materials and the messages to make the case in an effective manner, and engage in ongoing, targeted outreach to policymakers to achieve success.

"The District Policy Group has represented the American Nephrology Nurses’ Association for a number of years. Their planning and organizational skills were key factors in the successful implementation of ANNA’s Health Policy Workshop."
Mike CunninghamExecutive Director American Nephrology Nurses' Association
"The District Policy Group was instrumental in helping us move the ball forward in the passage, funding and implementation of the first-ever legislative language specific to congenital heart disease. They offered us valuable guidance and support throughout the process. The District Policy Group has been an excellent resource and partner in many of our advocacy efforts."
Amy Basken Past National Advocacy Coordinator
Adult Congenital Heart Association
"Ilisa Halpern Paul and her team at the District Policy Group have been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals. Working with Ilisa has transformed how we approach advocacy. Through the District Policy Group, we've been successful at forging critical partnerships with stakeholders, establishing credibility with federal agencies, and navigating the Congressional landscape. Their guidance, support and strategic insight on health policy are invaluable."
Daniel RaymondPolicy Director Harm Reduction Coalition