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Congressional Budget Justification

Each year the President prepares and submits to Congress a budget, outlining his spending and policy priorities for the coming federal fiscal year. Accompanying his budget are narrative explanations from each federal agency which present to Congress, specifically the House and Senate Appropriations Committees,... Read More

Dynamic Scoring

Dynamic scoring is a method of analysis used to calculate the prospective macroeconomic effects of a bill. As opposed to only considering the cost to the government alongside static levers like Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and inflation... Read More

Motion to Proceed to Consider

A procedural vote taken by the whole Senate on the matter of whether or not to open debate on a bill. This occurs if the entire Senate does not agree to proceed by “unanimous consent.”... Read More


A “cromnibus” is a recently-coined term policymakers have given to a spending bill that combines a short-term continuing resolution for some federal programs and a long-term omnibus to cover all remaining federal spending.... Read More

Discharge Petition

A petition used in the House of Representatives that starts a process to force a bill out of committee and to the House floor for a vote. A successful petition requires the signatures of 218 members, a majority of the House... Read More