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Risk Corridors

Risk corridors are a component of the ACA that limit the risk borne by qualified health plans on the insurance marketplaces. Risk Corridors are a mechanism to minimize the year-end losses of insurers who covered a disproportionate share of sicker, often older, insured customers.... Read More

Manager’s Amendment

A manager’s amendment is a big amendment containing a number of individual amendments to a piece of legislation offered by the majority or minority Member of Congress managing the debate on the bill. A manager’s amendment is almost always agreed to by both sides in advance.... Read More


A markup may be the most critical part of the congressional legislative process, as it provides a true test of whether a bill can ultimately pass the House or Senate. It is during the markup process where one can truly learn of a legislator’s position (for or against) a bill and what adjustments would be needed to ensure the support of individual committee members.... Read More

Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D is a voluntary benefit that provides outpatient prescription drug coverage to beneficiaries. The Part D benefit is operated through private plans; beneficiaries have the option of choosing either prescription drug coverage as part of their Medicare Advantage plan or as a stand-alone prescription drug plan which can be purchased in addition to traditional Medicare.... Read More

Medicare Part C

Medicare Part C is otherwise known as “Medicare Advantage” (formerly “Medicare+Choice”). These are private plans that are approved by Medicare to cover all of the services provided by Part A and Part B. Some Medicare Advantage plans offer coverage for items not otherwise covered by Medicare (like hearing aids and eyeglasses).... Read More