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“We need to slap a discharge petition on that cromnibus.” Clear as mud? That’s precisely why we’ve created the Dewonkify™ glossary of common terms and phrases used on the Hill and around DC.

Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR)

The Sustainable Growth Rate is a formula that is supposed to be utilized to determine Medicare Part B payment rates for physicians and other health professionals. In 1997, Congress created the SGR formula in order to help limit spending on Medicare physicians’ services.... Read More


A series of stacked votes in short succession. Senate rules allow for special consideration of amendments during the budget process. After 50 hours of debate on the budget, Senators may bring any remaining amendments, as long as they are germane (relevant to the legislation at hand), to the floor for a vote.... Read More


An expert or someone steeped in the details of a particular issue area or field, e.g. policy wonk. Sometimes used as a compliment (“She’s a real health policy wonk”) and sometimes used as an insult to suggest someone is a nerd (“I would never date such a wonk”).... Read More