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The District Policy Group’s bipartisan Advisory Board consists of well-respected former Administration officials and other influential and recognizable public policy and public affairs officials with diverse expertise in health policy, economics, public relations and communications, social media, education policy, and labor and employment issues among myriad other topics and subject matters. Advisory Board members work with the District Policy Group to support client initiatives, offer advice and strategic counsel on legislative and regulatory matters, and assist in media/PR efforts to advance client priorities.

Through tailored counseling discussions alongside our senior team professionals, Advisory Board members offer our clients guidance with respect to messaging, strategy, social media, communications, public affairs, preparation for specific activities or meetings, and otherwise provide support to advance client efforts. Through the Advisory Board construct we are able to offer clients cost-effective access to additional senior professionals with expertise relevant to federal policymaking, government relations, and advocacy.

To learn more about our Advisory Board members, click below for their individual bios. If you are interested in working with the District Policy Group and our Advisory Board members, please visit the contact page for more information. While Advisory Board members participate in clients’ government relations planning and strategy development, they do not engage in activities that constitute lobbying.