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A Creative Approach to Government Relations

We’ve Sat Where You Sit

The District Policy Group is one of the hardest working groups in Washington, D.C. We don’t merely advise clients about what they should do—we engage in the “doing.” We roll up our sleeves, dig into the issues, and get things done. We are truly motivated by the importance of the issues our clients address, the work they do, and the public policy goals they want to achieve. Our approach centers around partnering with our clients to design and implement a creative, tailored, and multi-pronged government relations strategy, develop the materials and the messages to make the case in an effective manner, and engage in ongoing, targeted outreach to policymakers to achieve success.

We recognize and appreciate that while access and relationships are critical—both on Capitol Hill and with federal agencies—credibility, reliability, and valid information are the foundation for such relationships and often make the difference in efforts to develop and sustain successful, long-term relationships. We maintain an effective balance between access and substance, bringing the two together for our clients’ benefit.

We are known for our creativity, responsiveness, passion, integrity, and dedication to client service. With our team’s knowledge, trusted relationships with federal policymakers and third-party stakeholders, and excellent oral and written communications skills, we provide each of our clients with a high-quality, comprehensive, and strategic set of public policy and government relations services that can help achieve their business, organizational, and policy goals.

What further sets us apart is our experience. Most of our team members have worked for state and federal policymakers and also have experience as in-house government relations staff. This unique perspective of having sat where our clients sit, as well as having walked in the shoes of those who our clients seek to influence allows us to bring an unique 360 degree view and expertise to our work.

The District Policy Group offers clients insight and understanding with respect to the current political environment, the fiscal state of play, and trends in policymaking and the impact each has on business planning and other organizational objectives. In this ever-changing environment, the District Policy Group works with clients to craft innovative strategies and pursue multiple avenues at-once so as to achieve business, organizational, and government relations objectives. 

We usually undertake our work in client-specific teams, which allows us to offer each client a unique group of our experts who have the specific knowledge, experience, and relationships relevant to each client’s particular priorities and areas of focus. While each client has a dedicated service team, all of the District Policy Group experts are available to each of our clients as the particular issue, goal, and policymaker target necessitate. On a weekly basis we meet as a team internally to brainstorm new strategies and messages, share information and intelligence, and support each other in our work. We enjoy maintaining a strong partnership with our clients as well as with one another.