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Definition: “Cromnibus” is a term policymakers have given to a spending bill that combines a short-term continuing resolution for some federal programs and a long-term omnibus to cover all remaining federal spending.

Used in a Sentence: “Ideas floated by lawmakers include a bill denying funds to the agencies that would carry out the actions, and moving a "cromnibus" that would consist of an omnibus measure for most of the government, but a shorter-term continuing resolution for agencies carrying out the immigration actions.” - The Hill

Explanation: Congress is in charge of enacting regular appropriations bills to fund the government for each fiscal year. If Congress has not passed one or more regular appropriations bill before the beginning of a fiscal year, a continuing resolution (CR) can be passed to temporarily extend funds for government programs, usually at the current fiscal year’s spending levels. An omnibus spending bill is a combination of several regular appropriations bills. Merging the spending measures into a cromnibus aids in avoiding a government shutdown, while allowing Congress additional time to debate funding for potentially controversial programs.