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Congressman Phil Gingrey Quoted in USA Today on Tom Price’s Qualifications for Secretary of HHS

January 18, 2017

Former Congressman and District Policy Group Senior Advisor Dr. Phil Gingrey was quoted in a USA Today article regarding Secretary of Health and Human Services nominee Rep. Tom Price’s confirmation hearing. As President Trump’s lead nominee for HHS Secretary, Dr. Price, faced a tough confirmation hearing on Wednesday, January 18th.

Dr. Gingrey shared that he believes Dr. Price is well-qualified to navigate the debate over the Affordable Care Act’s future, stating, “I think he has the negotiating skills necessary to navigate the waters of health care reform and open and maintain a dialogue with the congressional Democrats, both in the House and Senate.” Dr. Gingrey and Dr. Price previously worked together on the Doctors Caucus and on congressional committees.

Read Phil Gingrey’s full remarks here.