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District Policy Group Launch Featured in The Washington Post

January 27, 2014
The launch of the District Policy Group—formerly the Lobbying & Advocacy team at Drinker Biddle—was the subject of an article in The Washington Post.

The new name, District Policy Group, reflects the group’s longstanding work in traditional lobbying, grass-roots organizing, social media training and political intelligence, said Ilisa Halpern Paul. The article notes the group, known for its work in federal health care policy, is “kicking off a rebranding effort to market itself as a provider of a broad range of advocacy services that go beyond old-fashioned politicking.”

While the group has offered these services for years, the rebranding effort comes at a time when lobbying is becoming more integrated with other professional services and it makes sense to publicize the group both inside and outside the firm. “The industry in Washington continues to evolve and change,” said Ilisa. “We want to be a part of that evolution in recognizing the way we do advocacy work is different, and the way people are marketing and seeking new business is changing.”

“Increasingly, clients don’t want four or five different contacts for event planning, grass-roots work, policy development work, and another doing their direct lobbying,” she said. “It’s too much to manage. It’s not cost effective. We’re finding clients want a global agreement and a global team.”

Ilisa explained that the District Policy Group is set apart by the nontraditional advocacy work it does coupled with the resources of a large law firm. “When someone thinks of a law firm, they don’t necessarily think social media training or advocacy-day planning,” she said. “We want to really illustrate to prospective clients that we’re unique among law firm lobby shops in town.”

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