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Ilisa Halpern Paul and Jodie Curtis Quoted in Modern Healthcare

October 19, 2012
Managing Government Relations Director Ilisa Halpern Paul and senior Government Relations Director Jodie Curtis, of the Lobbying & Advocacy team in the Washington, DC office, were quoted in Modern Healthcare following the second presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.

The article notes that while health care was a prominent feature of the first presidential debate, it was barely mentioned in round two, which focused heavily on other domestic issues such as jobs, taxes, energy, and immigration policy.

Ilisa said she believed the topic was “surprisingly absent given the size of healthcare as part of our federal budget, as part of our national economy—GDP—and as part of the lame-duck issues we have to tackle,” such as extending certain Medicare programs and the anticipated sequestration process.

She added she had anticipated “one or two direct questions from voters,” who steered the course of the evening in the town-hall debate format.

Jodie said it's possible that the second debate did not focus much on health care because it was such a prominent topic in the first match-up.

Still, Ilisa said she would have liked to have heard more specific details, especially from Romney on the issue of healthcare coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. The governor has not yet explained how he would pay for such a measure. "And I was hoping to hear an answer tonight," she said.