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Ilisa Halpern Paul Article on Diabetes and the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Act in Morning Consult

November 25, 2015

District Policy Group President Ilisa Halpern Paul’s recent Morning Consult column, “Preventing Diabetes Through Proven-Effective Programs and Bipartisan Policy” discusses the diabetes epidemic and the proposed Medicare Diabetes Prevention Act (MDPA), endorsed by the American Diabetes Association.

The MDPA is a bipartisan measure that Ilisa suggests could greatly improve the health outcomes and reduce the incidence of diabetes among our nation’s seniors. Currently almost 26 percent of Americans age 65 and older have diabetes, with an additional 400,000 in the Medicare population.

The MDPA would develop criteria for a diabetes prevention program and provide Medicare coverage for seniors that would require no copayment. Ilisa states that the proposed MDPA would help decrease the number of Medicare beneficiaries at high-risk, as well as potentially save the federal government $1.3 billion over the next 10 years.

Read “Preventing Diabetes Through Proven-Effective Programs and Bipartisan Policy” here.