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Ilisa Halpern Paul Discusses the "Seven Rs" to Successful Advocacy in Morning Consult

February 3, 2015
In her latest article for Morning Consult, District Policy Group President Ilisa Halpern Paul suggests that “government relations programs, organizations, companies, and other interest groups too often wait until they ‘need something’ to get to know their elected officials.” In other words, rather than developing a relationship with Members of Congress as part of a general strategic plan, too many groups wait until a policy crisis hits, at which point there is not time to get to know policymakers and their staffs. To prevent such a predicament, Ilisa recommends engaging in the “seven Rs”: research, relationship, recognition, realistic, resource, review & revise, and results. As Ilisa writes, “Just like paying the homeowners’ premium before the tree hits the house is a prudent step, so is establishing a plan to get to know elected officials in the 114th Congress.”

The entire Morning Consult article may be viewed here.