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Ilisa Halpern Paul, Jodie Curtis and Jeremy Scott Featured in Washington Post

November 11, 2012
Managing Government Relations Director Ilisa Halpern Paul, senior Government Relations Director Jodie Curtis and Government Relations Director Jeremy Scott were featured in a Washington Post article titled, “After Election, Health Care Lobbyists Tweak Strategy.”

The article focuses on the group’s work and newly adjusted strategy after President Obama’s re-election, which signifies that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is here to stay.

The ACA requires states to build online marketplaces, called health insurance exchanges, where uninsured people can comparison-shop for plans. States face a Nov. 16 deadline to decide whether they’ll build their own or leave it up to the federal government, which means many health care lobbyists are shifting their attention from federal agencies and Capitol Hill to the 50 state legislatures.

Ilisa told the Post that “In the next couple months, we’re going to start putting together mini-strategic plans for additional state outreach.”

“A natural place to start is with our team members’ connections to their home states. In the first year, we won’t be able to cover all 50 states, but we identified the need for us to start rolling up our sleeves and getting better versed in state legislative activity,” she said.

Ilisa noted that most of the law and lobbying firms in D.C. are very D.C.-focused and as such, for states choosing to set up their own exchanges, it’s going to be a very state-driven process. “For a firm like ours,” she said, “if you’re able to translate your work to the state level, you’re going to be competitive. Otherwise, large law and lobby firms will lose business to state-level lobbyists and boutique shops.”

The article also notes that the firm’s lobbying group made a strategic decision six months ago to network more with staffers and advisers to state lawmakers, sending lobbyists to meetings held by the National Conference of State Legislatures. The firm will also be sending several lobbyists to the annual meeting of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners this month.

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