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Ilisa Halpern Paul Quoted in Roll Call

March 4, 2013
Ilisa Halpern Paul shared her thoughts with Roll Call on the value of a flexible work environment for K Street lobbyists.
The article notes that while Internet giant Yahoo decided to curtail work-from-home arrangements for its employees, lobbyists say home can be the ideal place for behind-the-scenes preparations, writing proposals or talking points, following up meetings and dialing in for client conference calls.
Ilisa heads a team of more than a dozen lobbyists and said that senior-level lobbyists in her shop get flexibility.
“A lot of people consider lobbying and government relations solely a contact sport,” she said. “When you need to be doing face-to-face meetings or relationship building, you need to be on the Hill or at the agencies. But a lot of the work doesn’t require being in any specific place.”
She said her team might find themselves walking the halls of Congress, cramming from the Rayburn cafeteria, drafting a memo from their basements or working in their offices on K Street.