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Ilisa Halpern Paul Quoted in Washington Post

May 17, 2013
Ilisa Halpern Paul was quoted in a Washington Post article that discussed a rise in the number of new lobbying registrations – 686 to be exact. The article also featured a shot of Ilisa in the Washington D.C. office, with the caption, ‘this is a good time for companies and advocacy groups to get their interests in front of members of Congress.’
The article noted that the last time the number was anywhere near 686, was in April 2011 when there were 685 new clients registered with lobbying firms. Ilisa told The Washington Post, “Between the spring and the (fiscal) cliff at end of last year, there was a bit of a ‘no man’s land’ where nothing was really happening.”
“Everyone was home running for re-election or retiring. It was as if Congress hit the pause button. When they did come back, it was all on (fiscal) cliff stuff,” she said.
Ilisa further noted that, with the first-time representatives newly appointed to Congress, it is an ideal time for advocacy groups and companies to form relationships with new members and get their interest back into the legislative agenda.