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Ilisa Halpern Paul’s Rise to Success Featured in The Hill

May 10, 2016

The Hill highlighted Ilisa Halpern Paul, President of the District Policy Group, in an article titled, “Beating the drum on healthcare.” The story focused on Ilisa’s unusual path to K street, her family, and the flood of information on Capitol Hill today.

The article discussed the group’s Advisory Board as a “fairly unique arrangement as a way to lend muscle to the group’s lobbying efforts while not driving up costs significantly for clients. In addition to the 14 full-time members of the District Policy Group, it also employs a six-member advisory board on a part-time basis. Those individuals work like contractors, bringing experience and expertise to particular fields such as local politics, public relations and health economics, and they can be tapped when a client requires something specific. From Halpern Paul’s perspective, it allows the group to meet clients’ needs while keeping down their costs and complexity.”

The busy lobbying group president is also a mother to twin boys, wife of Alliance for American Manufacturing President, Scott Paul, and is taking up drumming in her spare time.

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