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Ilisa Halpern Paul Talks Healthcare & Freshmen Members of Congress in Morning Consult

January 9, 2015
In her latest Morning Consult entry, District Policy Group President Ilisa Halpern Paul welcomes the new members of the 114th Congress and examines the healthcare background of several incoming freshmen. As Ilisa notes, “While many of the newly-elected Members ran ‘against Obamacare’ or are coming to D.C. ‘to repeal the medical device tax’ and ‘improve veterans’ health care,’ I looked beyond the campaign rhetoric to see if any of the newbies are bringing health care knowledge or particular health policy expertise to help inform the consideration and debate over the cost of health care, the sustainability of the Medicare and Medicaid programs, privacy – to name just a few of the issues facing our nation’s policymakers.”

To see Ilisa’s column in full, please click here.