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Ilisa Halpern Paul's Column Addresses Need for Greater Access to Long-Term Care

July 11, 2016

Ilisa Halpern Paul’s latest Morning Consult column, “Greater Access to Long-Term-Care: A Call from the Panini Generation,” calls for policymakers to focus on the long-term care challenges that are upon us as a nation.

Drawing on a personal family experience with the health care system, Ilisa explains how the high costs of long-term care can hinder a family’s ability to support older generations. She also touches on the deficit of physical and financial resources at hand to provide quality care to the aging generation.

Ilisa writes that we need Congress to address the issue by holding hearings on affordable quality long-term care. “By opening up this discussion and taking a closer look at all ideas, we can begin the hard work of easing the financial burden on families who are caring for seniors.”

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