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In-Person and Online Briefing: The Power of the Executive Branch

March 25, 2014

In both Democratic and Republican administrations, the President’s use of executive power and actions or inaction by federal agencies have been criticized and scrutinized by members of Congress and the courts. Throughout his presidency, like his predecessors, President Obama has used his executive authority on recess appointments, executive orders and to implement policy priorities. Federal agencies also have used their power to take actions in response to a deadlocked Congress. In his recent state of the union, the President made clear his intention to exercise his executive power to the maximum.

Ilisa Halpern Paul of the District Policy Group and former Bush and Obama administration attorneys, Scott Coffina and Charlie Rose, from Drinker Biddle discussed the power of the executive branch and how the White House and agency actions affect businesses and advocacy organizations during the in-person and online briefing on Tuesday, March 25, 2014. In addition, the panelists discussed how organizations can respond and/or leverage the actions taken by the President and federal agencies.

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