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Phil Gingrey Talks Best Lobbying Practices with Ilisa Halpern Paul in Modern Consult

April 7, 2015

On April 7, 2015, District Policy Group President, Ilisa Halpern Paul, interviewed new District Policy Group Senior Advisor, Former U.S. Congressman Phil Gingrey, in Morning Consult to get an inside scoop on preferred health care policy lobbying practices. As both a former physician and policymaker, Phil is uniquely equipped to give perspective on what tactics and tools are most successfully relay a message to Congress. As he notes, “One of the most effective approaches [is] to hear an anecdote – a real-world example or story that illustrate[s] the problem that need[s] to be fixed…Nothing got my attention more than to hear from affected patients and families – it made me want to do something to help.”

The interview from Morning Consult may be read in full here.