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"The District Policy Group was instrumental in helping us move the ball forward in the passage, funding and implementation of the first-ever legislative language specific to congenital heart disease. They offered us valuable guidance and support throughout the process. The District Policy Group has been an excellent resource and partner in many of our advocacy efforts."
Amy Basken
Past National Advocacy Coordinator
Adult Congenital Heart Association
"Working with the District Policy Group is always a delight. They bring us a depth of knowledge and fresh perspective on lobbying the federal government, weighing in on relevant regulatory work and building a strategy for how we can advance the interests of women with ovarian cancer through advocacy. At the grassroots level, the District Policy Group recently helped us train and fire up nearly 200 activists for an annual Hill Day dedicated to ovarian cancer. The staff are also tremendously helpful in building coalitions between the groups they serve, helping us expand our reach and connect with other who share our interests."
Calaneet Balas
Chief Executive Officer
Ovarian Cancer National Alliance
"Our success in having the National Spina Bifida Program created and funded at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a direct result of the outstanding strategic advice, creative tactics, and tenacity of the District Policy Group. Each year they provide us with top-notch direct lobbying services, grassroots organizing support, advocacy training and internal development, and agency outreach advice. In addition, we rely on them to develop all of our written advocacy materials, which are done quickly and creatively and are of the highest quality."
Cindy Brownstein
Immediate Past Chief Executive Officer
Spina Bifida Association
"The March of Dimes needed two-thirds of each chamber to cosponsor our commemorative coin bill in order to be considered for a vote, and we just weren’t making progress fast enough to get there. The District Policy Group demonstrated that they knew how to use multiple strategies simultaneously to target various groups of Members of Congress. They made sure they understood our previous efforts and what had or had not been successful, as well as the particular resources and assets available to our organization. The District Policy Group partnered closely with our internal federal relations team to execute a sophisticated, multi-pronged strategy that brought us to our House goal in just three months and enabled us to reach our Senate goal shortly thereafter. We simply would not have been able to make this rapid, dramatic progress without the know-how and additional capacity the District Policy Group brought to bear."
Cynthia Pellegrini
Senior Vice President for Public Policy & Government Affairs
March of Dimes
"Ilisa Halpern Paul and her team at the District Policy Group have been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals. Working with Ilisa has transformed how we approach advocacy. Through the District Policy Group, we've been successful at forging critical partnerships with stakeholders, establishing credibility with federal agencies, and navigating the Congressional landscape. Their guidance, support and strategic insight on health policy are invaluable."
Daniel Raymond
Policy Director
Harm Reduction Coalition