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Congressional Incumbents Not Seeking Re-Election

117th Congress (2021-2022)

The tables below list the incumbent members of the U.S. Congress who are not seeking re-election in the 2022 congressional elections. As of June 18, 2021, twenty-one U.S. representatives and six senators are not running for re-election. Content will be updated on a regular basis, reflecting the outcome of special elections and other congressional membership changes.


Representative Tenure District Committee Status Announced
Brady, Kevin (R) 26 years TX-08 Ways and Means (Ranking)   14-Apr-14
Brooks, Mo (R) 13 years AL-05 Armed Services
Science, Space, and Technology
Running for Senate 26-Mar-21
Budd, Tedd (R) 6 years NC-13 Financial Services Running for Senate 28-Apr-21
Bustos, Cheri (D) 10 years IL-17 Appropriations
Crist, Charlie (D) 6 years FL-13 Appropriations
Science, Space and Technology
Running for Governor 7-May-21
Demings, Val (D) 6 years FL-10 Judiciary
Homeland Security
Running for Governor 11-June-21
Hartzler, Vicky (R) 10 years MO-04 Armed Services Running for Senate 10-June-21
Hice, Jody (R) 8 years GA-10 Oversight and Reform
Natural Resources
Running for GA Secretary of State 26-Mar-21
Johnson, Eddie Bernice (D) 30 years TX-30 Science, Space, and Technology (Chair)
Transportation and Infrastructure
Kirkpatrick, Ann (D) 10 years AZ-02 Appropriations
Reed, Tom (R) 12 years NY-23 Ways and Means   26-Mar-21
Ryan, Tim (D) 20 years OH-13 Appropriations Running for Senate 26-Apr-21
Stivers, Steve (R) 10 years OH-15 Financial Services Will Resign 5-16-21 to lead OH Chamber of Commerce 23-Apr-21
Vela, Filemon (D) 10 years TX-34 Agriculture
Armed Services
Zeldin, Lee (R) 8 years NY-01 Foreign Affairs
Financial Services
Running for Governor 9-Apr-21

House Members Who Have Vacated Office

Representative Tenure District Committee Status Announced
Fudge, Marcia (D) 12 years OH-11   Confirmed as HUD Secretary. Special primary elections Aug. 3, special general election Nov. 2. 10-Mar-21
Haaland, Deb (D) 2 years NM-01   Confirmed as Interior Secretary. Melanie Stansbury (D) elected 6-1-21. 15-Mar-21
Hastings, Alcee (D) 28 years FL-20 Rules Passed Away 9-Apr-21
Letlow, Luke (R) 0 years LA-05   Passed away from COVID-19 before being sworn in; Dr. Julia Letlow elected 3-20-21 to replace her deceased husband. 29-Dec-20
Richmond, Cedrick (D) 10 years LA-02   Resigned effective 1-15-21 to become Director of the Office of Public Engagement in the Biden Administration; Troy Carter elected 4-24-21 15-Jan-21
Wright, Ron (R) 2 years TX-06 Education and Labor
Foreign Affairs
Passed away after battling cancer and COVID-19. Special election on or before May 1. Run off on July 27 between two Republicans. 8-Feb-21

Note: Claudia Tenney (R) has won the previously vacant NY-22 and has been seated.


Senator Tenure State Committee Status Announced
Blunt, Roy (R) 12 years MO Appropriations
Commerce, Science, Transportation
Rules (Ranking)
Burr, Richard (R) 18 years NC HELP (Ranking)
Portman, Rob (R) 12 years OH Finance
Foreign Relations
Homeland Security
Shelby, Richard (R) 36 years AL Appropriations (Ranking)
Environment and Public Works
Toomey, Patrick (R) 12 years PA Banking (Ranking)

Senate Members Who Have Vacated Office

Senator Tenure District Committee Status Announced
Harris, Kamala (D) 4 years CA Judiciary
Homeland Security
Resigned to become Vice President; Alex Padilla appointed 1-20-21. 18-Jan-21

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