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Advocacy and Grassroots

The District Policy Group is expert in the development of effective advocacy campaigns, establishing and strengthening organization's grassroots programs, and issuing effective calls to action that elicit strong responses and prove fruitful in advancing and achieving federal government relations goals.

We believe grassroots advocacy goes hand-in-glove with direct, D.C.-based outreach to elected and appointed officials, each reinforcing the other. Effective government relations programs must include a targeted and coordinated system for generating grassroots response and delivering pressure to policymakers in Washington, D.C. We maintain significant strength and expertise in working with clients to develop advocacy programs that serve to further an organization's policy goals and objectives.

The importance of grassroots initiatives cannot be overstated. A well-organized and informed grassroots advocacy effort can effectively convey the importance and urgency of an issue to policymakers. We assist many clients with the development of the necessary local support to reach and influence elected officials. In connection with grassroots advocacy, we help to identify likely supporters and key targets, establish key contacts with local legislators, and provide background information to give context to complex issues.

It is essential that an organization create and maintain a robust system for recruiting and deploying grassroots advocates and regularly provide them with information and tools to have their voices heard with their elected officials in Washington, D.C. We regularly help our clients with the preparation of letters, emails, telephone talking points, and social media content that can be delivered by the client's key leaders, members and volunteers. We also work with our clients to develop materials for dissemination via our client's websites and other forums to support their grassroots advocacy activities.

To help ensure our clients maintain grassroots initiatives reflective of the current political landscape, we keep them informed of legislator's positions and anticipated legislative developments. We also work with our clients to develop practical options for influencing legislative action through media relations and constituent newsletters. Moreover, our relationships with many government officials and Members of Congress enable us to facilitate opportunities for grassroots supporters to meet with key government officials in D.C. and at home.