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Coalition Management

Members of the District Policy Group have long-standing experience and a record of success in coalition management and participation on behalf of our clients. It is no secret that coalitions are often the way to get things done in Washington as they provide an opportunity to advance advocacy priorities in a cost-effective manner and enhances the credibility of a cause. “A rising tide lifts all boats” could not be more accurate when describing the importance of working collaboratively with other organizations towards a policy common goal. Coalition made up of organizations with diverse backgrounds and shared interests also allow for an amplification of messaging and expands your base of support. Also, it is true that coalitions only are effective if they have strong and regular engagement of individual members. For the coalitions which we manage, this is something on which we pride ourselves. It is one thing to lead a coalition, it is another altogether—and perhaps even more important—to keep the coalition robust, focused, and ensure active member participation. We work closely with our clients to identify and assess coalition opportunities, create and/or manage strategic alliances, and otherwise develop and maintain coalition partnerships to help advance client goals.