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Congressional Scheduling

We have extensive experience in supporting Capitol Hill events of all sizes. The District Policy Group sees the entire event through—from matching participants to their corresponding Members of Congress via their address and zip codes to assisting with follow-up after the event.

No matter the size of the Hill Day, the District Policy Group can handle scheduling Congressional appointments for all participants, working to meet our client’s requirements for the final schedule (Member-level meetings, senior staff-level meetings, both House and Senate meetings, etc.).

We work to provide constituents with the full Capitol Hill experience during their Hill Day by providing information about Congressional hearings, tours, and constituent breakfasts and other events held by Members of Congress. Additionally, when scheduling, we keep geography of the Congressional office buildings, time, and any special needs or limitations of the advocates into consideration to provide a full, logical, accomplishable schedule and with a focus on minimizing the stress of navigating Capitol Hill for first-time visitors and experienced advocates alike.