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Legislative Monitoring and Tracking

As a standard part of our government relations representation, we regularly monitor, review, and analyze the impact of legislative and regulatory proposals and policies. We provide our clients with a comprehensive, day-to-day tracking service we think is necessary to achieve government relations success and we are able to access and leverage a number of resources for our clients’ benefit. We maintain an extensive array of resources, both print and electronic, that empower our team members to stay abreast of policy developments in Washington, as well as at the state and international levels.

All members of our senior lobbying team keep their ears to the ground and maintain close relationships with Capitol Hill staff to ensure we and our clients are up-to-date on what key Congressional committees are doing and that we are leveraging all opportunities for hearings and mark-ups, including submitting questions and providing testimony to Congressional committees in order to advance priorities and legislative interests.

We are in regular contact with our clients about legislative and regulatory developments that require a response, and we provide timely concrete recommendations regarding what needs to be done to represent, protect, and advance the client’s interests. We work with clients to determine how to best keep them up-to-date, provide ongoing counsel and strategic direction, and identify the most effective way to coordinate information sharing and the associated efforts to ensure that resources are deployed effectively to respond to new opportunities, defend against threats, and advance the client’s public policy goals.