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Our bipartisan lobbying team has keen political insight and deep understanding of the federal policymaking environment, and we continually assess the environment through on-the-ground information gathering and knowledge and factor in when something should be pursued on Capitol Hill and/or with a federal agency and whether a coalition effort is needed. We regularly review clients’ agendas, tactics, and messages and recommend modifications based on developments and changes in the policymaking sphere.

We recognize that with a challenging political and fiscal environment in Washington, advocacy tactics must be ever-more creative and that government relations efforts must involve other avenues beyond direct lobbying, such as federal agency outreach, programmatic initiatives, strategic coalition development and involvement, and state-level opportunities. As a standard practice, we consider all avenues to a policy or programmatic goal and increasingly are working with Congress to influence activities at federal agencies and reach out to federal agencies directly, rather than relying solely on “regular order” in the Congress as the means to the end. Our team’s expertise and experience include but are not limited to the following:

  • Appropriations: Obtaining federal funds for key programs is a crucial, but often daunting, task for many organizations. We have the background and experience necessary to guide our clients through the process and minimize its intimidating nature.
  • Authorizing Legislation: We have a proven track record of securing introduction of—and advancing—authorizing legislation on clients' behalf. Our team is capable and experienced in drafting legislation, seeking sponsors and cosponsors, and moving bills through all steps of the legislative process.
  • Cosponsor and Champion Targeting: Our team prides itself on developing cosponsor and champion targeting matrices that includes a detailed understanding of the voting record and policy background of all Members of Congress.

Preparation and follow-up are the keys to success. Advocates and lobbyists frequently “check-the-box” by having a Congressional meeting and consider their work completed. We believe that the difference between a good meeting and a good outcome is effective “homework” and follow-up. We work closely with clients to ensure that meetings with policymakers are leveraged, helping them undertake the follow-up steps, so good meetings can be converted into good outcomes.