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The District Policy Group is a bipartisan team consisting of lobbyists and public policy professionals, most with more than 15 years of experience in government relations, advocacy, Capitol Hill policy and politics, federal agency rulemaking, grassroots organizing, and coalition building. Our team has a unique combination of Capitol Hill tenure and in-house lobbying and policy experience at non-profit professional and advocacy organizations.

Ilisa Halpern Paul leads the District Policy Group and has more than 25 years of experience in federal government relations, lobbying, advocacy, and legislative and regulatory policymaking. Ilisa has a wide-range of issue expertise, including health care financing and delivery system reform, the Medicare and Medicaid programs, digital health, home health, public health, behavioral health, federal budget and appropriations, the Affordable Care Act and other health care reform efforts. ...Read more about Ilisa

Dr. Gingrey is a former U.S. Congressman who served Georgia’s 11th congressional district from 2003 to 2015. Given his medical background and local, state and federal public policy careers, he is uniquely positioned to provide public policy and government relations counsel to clients on issues related to health care, energy and environment, education, communications, and life sciences. ...Read more about Phil

Elaine Vining
Elaine Vining Special Advisor

Elaine has more than 35 years’ experience in government relations, both within the legislative and executive branches and in public policy advocacy. Prior to joining the firm, she spent 10 years as Assistant Director of Federal Government Relations with the American Academy of Pediatrics, a national organization representing over 66,000 pediatricians, covering such issues as therapeutic drugs and devices, mental health, adolescent health, and children with disabilities. Elaine also served on the Pediatric Advisory Committee, an expert scientific panel of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). ...Read more about Elaine

Jim Twaddell
Jim Twaddell Senior Vice President

Jim Twaddell has extensive experience in and knowledge of the federal public policymaking and legislative and regulatory processes, strategic planning initiatives, and advocacy campaigns . Jim provides clients with counsel on legislative, policy, political and advocacy issues...Read more about Jim

Jodie Curtis
Jodie Curtis Executive Vice President

Jodie Curtis focuses on a broad range of policy, appropriations, and regulatory issues including global health, health and life sciences, agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, insurance, and environmental issues. She has nearly 25 years of experience in government, Congressional affairs and representing the legislative and regulatory interests of for-profit, non-profit, and global organizations....Read more about Jodie

Julie Snyder Hyams
Julie Snyder Hyams Special Advisor

Julie Snyder Hyams represents clients before Congress, coordinates clients’ Congressional outreach and grassroots efforts, and develops floor statements, talking points, and other advocacy materials to support client priorities....Read more about Julie

Laura Hanen
Laura Hanen Senior Vice President

Laura Hanen has more than 25 years of bipartisan experience in government relations and public affairs. She is known for her highly analytical approach to identifying, developing and implementing effective strategies for promoting issues and influencing legislation, while forming productive relationships and fostering collaborative efforts in the process....Read more about Laura

Sarah Mills
Sarah Mills Vice President

Sarah Mills has extensive experience in policy consulting, government relations, and advocacy. Having provided strategic counsel to officials at both the federal and state levels of government and to health care industry investors, she is adept at creating, evaluating, and employing effective strategies to advance clients’ interests both on and off the Hill....Read more about Sarah