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Public Affairs, Grassroots, Stakeholder Alliances, Coalition Advocacy, and Policy Events & Presentations

In addition to traditional lobbying of the legislative and regulatory branches of government, the District Policy Group® engages in other key government relations and policy advocacy work to support and advance clients’ policy goals. Some clients hire us only for some of these services, while others engage us in a more comprehensive manner.

We are pleased to offer clients the following services, in addition to legislative and regulatory lobbying and policy advocacy:

Public Affairs: The District Policy Group® understands the power of public affairs, including traditional and social media, in advancing the advocacy and policy priorities of our clients. We are known for our creative messaging and effective materials, designed specifically to influence the federal policymaking audience. We can work hand-in-hand with our clients’ communications firms and provide expertise for devising strategic communications plans or, as needed, we are able to leverage members of the District Policy Group to provide direct communications and public affairs support. We make strategic introductions to reporters, helping to elevate client profiles and policy priorities. Our team recently assisted a large health care services company by developing a crisis communications strategy, including preparing the tailored messages to be shared with internal stakeholders and the media.

Grassroots: The District Policy Group® has extensive experience in establishing and strengthening grassroots programs. We believe grassroots advocacy, the importance of which cannot be overstated, goes hand-in-glove with direct, D.C.-based outreach to elected and appointed officials, each reinforcing the other. We help clients design and maintain grassroots initiatives reflective of the current political landscape, to develop practical options for influencing legislative action and facilitating opportunities for supporters to meet with key government officials in D.C. and at home. We conduct grassroots training and develop materials to support advocates’ efforts. We recently supported a national patient advocacy organization in deploying its grassroots advocates in a new manner, given that they could not travel to Washington, D.C. as planned, due to the pandemic. Our team also works closely with clients to identify and deploy “grasstops” advocates, who engage with policymakers and the policy process in a more intensive manner.

Stakeholder Alliances: Increasingly organizations and businesses need partners and alliances to advance common goals, explore a particular issue, or create a new community forum, so a traditional advocacy “coalition” may not be desired. The District Policy Group® helps introduce clients to organizations and businesses where there may be shared interests. Further, we convene roundtables and other stakeholder groups where new partnerships can be formed and collaboration around shared interests can occur. For example, our team recently assisted a life sciences company in hosting a series of quarterly meetings around an emerging area of disease treatment to educate stakeholders about the new treatment modality and identify issues of interest, concern, and priority to those impacted by particular diseases and conditions.

Coalition Advocacy: Strength in numbers – the power of coalition advocacy remains strong and often is essential to movement on a policy issue. Members of the District Policy Group® have long-standing experience and a record of success in coalition building and management. Our work ranges from representing clients at coalition tables to establishing new coalitions and acting as the secretariat for coalitions and consortia. Our experience gives us great perspective on the challenges and benefits of coalitions from the convener’s standpoint and the members’ perspective – a vantage point our clients see as an asset. Recently we served as the coalition manager for a diverse group of organizations seeking the reauthorization of the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute, which was signed into law in December 2019.

Policy Events & Presentations: Hosting briefings, press conferences, educational forums, roundtables, summits, and panel discussions helps to elevate issues, promote clients’ profiles, and facilitate partnerships and relationships. Further, client-hosted conferences and meetings often need content and our team is at-the-ready to present, convene a panel, or identify guest speakers. Even during a time when in-person gatherings may not be permitted or preferred, we are supporting our clients in planning and hosting events to advance their policy priorities. Our team can assist clients further by serving as panel moderators, roundtable facilitators, and delivering remarks, such as providing election insights and federal policy updates.