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Regulatory Advocacy and Policy Development

Engaging in outreach and relationship building with federal agencies and the executive branch is equally – and in some cases more – important as congressional engagement to advancing federal policy goals. Federal agencies – tasked with interpreting and implementing laws through regulations and programs – have a significant role and impact in day-to-day policymaking. The District Policy Group® works closely with clients to develop relationships with political appointees and career staff in the executive branch.

As congressional action can be stymied, we also work with our clients to identify and pursue administrative remedies. We have first-hand knowledge of the internal processes of numerous agencies, which enables us to advocate effectively on behalf of clients and help them navigate the agency landscape.

Our regulatory advocacy and policy development services include:

  • Regulatory/policy analysis and drafting of regulatory comments
  • Agency outreach and relationship-building with career staff and political appointees
  • Regulatory monitoring and tracking, including identification of threats and opportunities and creation and implementation of response plans
  • Policy development and design of alternative regulatory proposals for consideration by agencies and policymakers
  • Congressional champion identification to support regulatory goals
  • Creation of regulatory advocacy materials, such as fact sheets, policy briefs, talking points, testimony for regulatory meetings and hearings, action alerts and agency correspondence