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Meet Ilisa.

Keen Advocacy Strategist, Former Senate Staffer, Mom to Twin Boys

Ilisa Halpern Paul
Ilisa Halpern Paul President (202) 230-5145

Recognized by The Hill as a Top Lobbyist for six years running, Ilisa Halpern Paul, President of the bipartisan District Policy Group, melds her command of the issues with the ability to catch the attention and support of policymakers to drive home the need for change. While people on the Hill and in the agencies are drowning in information and requests, Ilisa and her team excel at developing and implementing strategic policymaker outreach plans, crafting creative messaging, and designing compelling materials that help clients and their issues stand out from the crowd and garner the attention and action they seek. The District Policy Group’s brand of representation works because Ilisa and her team have first-hand experience with the kind of internal dynamics their clients manage every day, and as former congressional staff they can guide clients in translating their issues and requests into the language of federal policy and politics. In effect, they become an extension of the client’s organization.

For more than 25 years, Ilisa has been involved in federal government relations, lobbying, advocacy, and legislative and regulatory policymaking. She is steeped in the nuances of health care financing and delivery, Medicare coverage and reimbursement, Medicaid, public health, value-based care, the Affordable Care Act, home health, and rehabilitation and other post−acute care. Always ahead of the curve, Ilisa and her team are at the forefront of understanding and driving federal health policy – legislation, regulations, and payment – with respect to digital health, remote monitoring, telehealth, and telemedicine.

Ilisa partners with for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations to develop meaningful relationships with policymakers and implement creative strategies to advance clients’ federal legislative, regulatory, programmatic, policy and business goals before Congress and the Executive Branch. Clients value Ilisa’s strategic, innovative approach to advocacy messaging, grassroots campaigns, establishing coalitions and third-party stakeholder partnerships, and helping to shape positive outcomes through direct lobbying to address client priorities in appropriations measures, authorizing legislation, and federal regulatory actions. While sympathetic to the humanitarian causes her clients champion and adept at innovative messaging, tactics, and materials in support of clients’ goals, Ilisa and her team know they won’t win on Capitol Hill just by plucking heartstrings. They help clients succeed by skillfully matching compelling stories and examples with constituent, local, and national economic impact data to drive the need home and secure change.

Ilisa is a highly sought-after speaker who regularly delivers keynote addresses, leads panel discussions, and presents at briefings, meetings, conferences, and webinars. She also moderates meetings, assists clients with government relations strategic planning, and guides boards of directors in business and organizational development. Her audiences appreciate her insightful political and policy analyses and enjoy her easy-to-access manner, good humor, and practical advice.

Ilisa previously served as Director of Federal Government Relations for the American Cancer Society and as Director of Federal Affairs with the American Public Health Association. She also worked on the legislative staff of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA). Ilisa earned a bachelor’s degree in English at UCLA and a master's degree in public policy from Georgetown University. She continues support of the UCLA English Department, serving on the Board of Visitors. Her life experience is no less impressive. Originally from California, Ilisa planned to become a doctor, then found her health care niche after doing a policy internship in D.C., and feels she has positively impacted as many lives through policy as she might have as a health care provider. Ilisa lives with her husband, Scott, and their twin boys in Maryland, where their active lives include family walks with their dog, Coco.